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On-road Testing And Characterization Of The Exhaust Emissions Of Light-duty Vehicles


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J. Merkisz, J. Pielecha & W. Gis


In order to measure the concentration of toxic compounds a mobile analyzer for toxic tests SEMTECH DS by SENSORS Inc. was used. In the study the results of the vehicle emission tests in the road conditions were presented, as this was the only way to obtain the information on real vehicle emissions. They include information on the emissivity of the vehicles in operation and deal with the real conditions of the vehicle motion. Reliable measurement results were obtained, which were verified in simulated conditions on a chassis test bed. The obtained data were used to specify the dependence characteristics for the influence of the dynamic engine properties on the harmful compound emissions. The obtained data enabled one to define the vehicle emission factor, which can be used to classify fleets of vehicles in relation to toxic compounds emissions that differ e.g. in production data, i.e. limits of exhaust emissions, mileage of vehicles or operation conditions. Keywords: exhaust emission, road test, on-board measurement. 1 Introduction These days one can observe a strong tendency to deal with environmental perils from the automotive industry in global terms. The regulations that allow the operation of vehicles (homologation tests and production conformity tests), periodical technical check-ups and other laws directly and indirectly related to the production, operation and management of products of civilization treat the problem of environmental protection on a full scale [1–3]. Over the years in each country there were different systems of tests and vehicle exhaust emission control, however, for some time there has been a well-developed unification. The control of toxic emissions is also held worldwide through the balancing of global


exhaust emission, road test, on-board measurement.