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Prometheus – An Integrated Wildfire Control System


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J. R. S. Nunes, R. V. Soares & A. C. Batista


The main objectives of this paper were to develop a computational system, using the functional modeling that allows to calculate the forest fire danger index through the Monte Alegre Formula (FMA) and the modified Monte Alegre Formula (FMA+), and to store information on forest fire occurrence. The system also permits the generation of danger indices and forest fire occurrence statistics from the Context Diagram, the Level 1 and Level 2 Data-Flow Diagrams, and the Entity-Relationship. The Prometheus system was developed using the Borland Delphi 6.0 language with Borland Database Engine – BDE access and Paradox database. Keywords: forest fire, wildfire prevention, wildfire data base, forest protection. 1 Introduction The utilization of a reliable danger index is very important for an efficient fire prevention activities planning and adoption of fast and effective actions on forest fire suppression, in order to reduce the damages and, consequently, the financial losses produced by wildfires. The danger indices utilize meteorological and climatologic data and the quality of such information is essential to the forest fire prevention and suppression planning (Soares and Batista [13]). Forest fires occurrence and propagation are strongly associated to the weather conditions or climatic aspects. Fire intensity and rate of propagation of wildfires are directly linked to the relative humidity, air temperature, wind speed, and precipitation (Cheney [1]; Schroeder and Buck [8]; Heikkila et al [4]; Soares and Batista [13]). The Monte Alegre Formula (FMA), developed by Soares [10], is the fire danger index most extensively used in Brazil. It is based on two meteorological


forest fire, wildfire prevention, wildfire data base, forest protection.