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Urban Regeneration In Mediterranean Cities: An Integrated Urban Development Of Brownfield Sites


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A. El Menchawy


Regeneration is an organic metaphor concerned with improving the economic, social and environmental vitality of the city. It brings new life to previously run down areas, refurbishing buildings, infrastructure and the built environment, and redeveloping buildings that have reached the end of their useful life. Many Mediterranean cities have already launched such operations (Barcelona, Genoa), while respecting historical and uniqueness of each case. The paper integrates two main issues; the first describes the main features of urban regeneration, analyse its process in Mediterranean cities. Many of these cities in recent decades experienced redevelopment for new \“postindustrial uses” often related to culture, tourism, and technology. Such uses may offer the potential for creating more sustainable and livable cities, especially in old industrial areas. The second issue describes urban regeneration in three Mediterranean cities, (Genoa, Barcelona, and Alexandria). Genoa was taken as a first case study for restructuring the old harbour areas, the waterfront and historic centre. At present Genoa has regained a new identity and its role in the Italian system. The second case study is Barcelona that was influenced through its transformation by organising the Olympic Games of 1992. It is now one of the most successful cities in the world for its innovative urban planning. It has survived the economic, environmental and social changes through focusing upon its culture background, urban transformation, establishing magnet projects, urban and equity management, and waterfront development. Finally, Alexandria was taken as a local case study. The city development strategy, CDS, enable Alexandria to take advantage of its competitive endowments, better manage local assets, and remove constraints for a private sector-led growth, while ensuring the socioeconomic integration of the poor, improve the living conditions of its residents, and prevent further deterioration. The project starts since 2004, leading to a number of new projects that provide economic benefits, while focusing on environmental improvement, slum upgrading, and ensure that it moves towards its regeneration. Keywords: urban regeneration, urban development, Mediterranean cities, Brownfield sites.


urban regeneration, urban development, Mediterranean cities, Brownfield sites.