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A Model Municipal By-Law For Regulating Wood Burning Appliances


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A. Germain, F. Granger & A. Gosselin


This paper describes a Model Municipal By-Law, developed to support municipal or local governments that wish to control air pollution caused by the use of residential wood burning for heating purposes. Wood burning is the most important anthropogenic source of fine particulates (PM2.5) in Canada. As a complement to a national regulation on new, cleaner burning wood burning appliances, initiatives were identified to address existing appliances. These initiatives include public outreach and a change-out program. As a result, a Model Municipal By-Law for regulating wood burning appliances was developed as an aid to local governments that want to regulate the use of residential wood burning appliances for residential use on their territory. Keywords: residential wood combustion, emission, regulation, municipal by-law. 1 Introduction In 2000, the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment developed a Canada-wide Standard for particulate matter less than or equal to 2.5 microns (also known as fine particulate or PM2.5) as a result of the pollutant's adverse effects on human health [1]. It also indicated that measures where to be taken to reduce their emissions, including those from residential wood combustion for heating purpose [2]. This document is intended as an aid for municipalities where air quality problems due to residential wood burning are experienced and who therefore wish to put in place a municipal by-law for regulating woodburning appliances. The workshop summary of the Kelowna Residential Indoor Wood Burning


residential wood combustion, emission, regulation, municipal by-law.