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Visualization Service For Grid-oriented Applications Of Natural Disasters


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E. Pajorova, L. Hluchy & L. Halada


Every year, forest fires cause enormous damage to vegetation and fauna, environment and property and bind significant human resources. Particularly in national parks and nature reservations, unique areas of high degree of protection can be devastated by fire. For instance, during the destructive forest fire in the Slovak Paradise National Park (Slovakia) in 1976, very unique vegetation was destroyed in the Kyseľ Gorge, where the recovery into the former state will take 200 years [1]. Until now (thirty years after the fire), this locality is closed for tourists because of the vast damage. The topic of a lot of projects is how to prevent such disasters. Our research institute is oriented on GRID computing. A lot of international projects oriented on natural disasters utilise grid computing and within grid solution raises requirement of visualization service for presentation of the intermediate or final results. The basic aim of our research is to create a visual service for modelling and 3D rendering of natural disasters, before fire, flood and landslides. Changing the input data of fires spread used to generate new outputs very quickly. Grid computing on a lot of Clusters and 3D visualisation service can allow new scenes of fire spread. Outputs are used for far adjustment to liquidation fires or floods and landslides. Keywords: forest fire, GRID applications, natural disasters, visualization service. 1 Introduction 3D visualization service for animation of natural disasters should integrate visualization requests of any kind of application solved in our institute and before solved in international projects oriented on environmental problems. The natural disasters like fires and floods become subject of science in research


forest fire, GRID applications, natural disasters, visualization service.