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The Design Evaluation And Reuse Recommendation For Japanese Naval Facilities Located At Fongshan Wireless Telecommunication Station In Taiwan


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C.-K. Ku


Fongshan Wireless Telecommunication Station (FongshanWTS) used to be listed as one of the three biggest wireless telecommunication stations in Japan. The buildings in the FongshanWTS offer a great deal of information related to the histories of construction technology, military installation and telecommunication equipment for precious historical assets in Taiwan. According to the official record, FongshanWTS was constructed from 1917–1919, and the design technology was originated from Germany. The reason why and how it was constructed in Taiwan, and also the evaluation of design technology and reuse recommendation are discussed in this paper. Since the history of FongshanWTS involves four countries, e.g. Taiwan, Japan, China and Germany, it is the purpose of this paper to get correlated information from this international conference, especially from those countries in Europe. Keywords: wireless telecommunication station, telecommunication, reuse. 1 Introduction There are many Japanese vestiges of military facilities in the southern part of Taiwan, particularly at Kaohsiung. Some of these facilities have been demolished not only because of the reconstruction project for the military housing community, but also because of the disarmament plan in Taiwan. The land area used for military affairs is actually considerably large in Kaohsiung. The popularization of martial culture has led to the desire to witness the history


wireless telecommunication station, telecommunication, reuse.