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Proposal For A Classification Method Of Building Materials In The Italian Rules Concerning Low Energy Design


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F. Cumo, L. Calcagnini & G. Piras


In order to ensure that Italian building regulations comply with the Kyoto Protocol, we aim to propose a classification method for building materials. Actually, we aren’t able to choose materials comparing their energy and environmental value. A database of building materials based on the LCA system is not yet available (national research \“Genius loci”), but the rules about low energy building are mostly completed; we omit the rules and methods concerning how to choose materials in low energy buildings. Using a national LCA based database we aim to classify building materials into several classes and to define the possibility of choosing materials, balancing the environmental class and their weighting in the building. In this way we will provide the possibility for choosing materials based on their contribution to the environmental impact of the building as a whole. The idea is not to force designers, architects or engineers to choose all materials for a building which belong to the best class, but to force them to balance materials to guarantee that all of them together will produce a low environmental impact. To do this, each material has to be weighted on its LCA results and on its quantity. This method will agree with the spirit of the Italian law about low energy design and give to the designer the right flexibility in choosing materials, respecting a global environmental evaluation of building. It will also be a possible item for the implementation of the D. Lgs 192/05 that apply to EU Directive 2002/91/CE on the energy performance of buildings. Keywords: building, material, legislation, policy, energy, LCA.


building, material, legislation, policy, energy, LCA.