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Sustainable Development Of \“Smixi” Using Environmental Impact Assessment


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A. G. Stergiadou


The contribution of the forest of Smixi’s area to the quality of life is unlimited, as it corresponds quantitively or qualitively to the needs of the inhabitants and the visitors. It is well known that the public demand for quality recreation areas is increasing rapidly because of the fast-growing seasonal population and the improvement of its citizens’ income levels. The accessibility, the improvement and the quality of the forest should be one of the first priorities of the office of forestry and the municipality of Grevena. It is also necessary to enhance the level of environmental education, especially of the young, in order for the recreation areas and especially the environment to be appreciated and respected. This research develops a method to evaluate the impacts of forest road and path construction on the natural environment. The method will be used to improve the layout of forest roads and paths at an early planning stage. The method which was applied has been practical, effective and easy to use before the road or path construction. The criteria to assess the environmental impact was identified and rated by interviewing Greek forest scientists using questionnaires. A threshold will be defined for the level of compatible impacts. Road or path segments exceeding this threshold will be identified for re-design purposes to minimize negative impact on the environment. The combination will be used as a decision-support tool together with the Environmental Impact Assessment parameters, cost, existing legislation and environmental policy. Only in this way can we effectively use the forest benefits. This can contribute to an improvement in public health (both mental and emotional); a service which nowadays is scarce and not adequately appreciated. Keywords: sustainable development, E.I.A., forest roads and paths, recreation evaluation, Smixi.


sustainable development, E.I.A., forest roads and paths, recreationevaluation, Smixi.