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Forms And Materials Used In Exterior Spaces And Their Effect On Interior Lighting Conditions


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M. Miri


Some results such as a more comfortable city, less energy needed for indoor comfort, saving money, and reduction in the emission of green house gasses are just some of the benefits of sustainable urban design. Suitable use of natural light as an important factor in sustainability must always be considered in the design process. The Building form and aperture type are the most influential factors that affect interior conditions, energy consumption and energy cost in the buildings. Although there are many lighting experts, sustainability and urban designers, few of them are professional in the field that bridges the gap between these disciplines. So, I decided to conduct a research on the subject assessing the effect of exterior space on interior conditions. All the proposals I will introduce in this paper originated from simultaneously using my experience in light and daylight design and my knowledge as an architect in the field of urban and landscape design. The method I applied in this paper is trial and error that it is an empirical method for achieving defined goals. In this paper, simple forms and materials will be proposed for reducing illuminance in a 25 m2 room in the summer, in Tehran. And then, its effects in the winter are analyzed. All in all, the main goal of this paper is introducing a method that can be used in designing sustainable buildings, spaces and even cities. We can apply similar methods in sustainable urban and regional design to reach a greener world with a healthier environment. Keywords: day light, exterior material, landscape, interior illuminance. reflectance, sustainability. 1 Introduction Sustainability that is an attempt to provide the best outcomes for the human and natural environments both now and into the indefinite future plays a very influential role in preserving the environment. Sustainability affects every level


day light, exterior material, landscape, interior illuminance. reflectance, sustainability.