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Risk Analysis And GIS Application In Territorial Planning And Emergency Management


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V. Bartolozzi, L. Marceca, S. Bajardi, F. Vasile & S. Marino


The work proposed is mainly based on the theme of relevant accident risk and in particular industrial risk management. The work affords a critical and comparative analysis of the politics of relevant accident prevention and the safety management system of two different industrial installations, which differ both in their size and their productive qualities. In this work we test the techniques for the identification of potential hazards, give an estimate of their possible consequences and compare some methods for the selection of safety measures. The starting point is the application of the software ARIA 334 (Aziende a Rischio di Incidente rilevAnte) for GIS application in the Sicilian territory. Information on hazards, together with environmental and demographic information, has been extracted from official safety reports. The software must operate under the control of a visual interface for the graphical layout of the equipment and the interconnecting currents. Considering the particular features of vulnerability of the Sicilian territory, the information obtained allows for the mapping of the risk giving a fundamental contribution to activities of territorial planning and for emergency management. 1 Introduction Risk identification of a potentially dangerous installation plays a fundamental role in attaining the desired level of safety. This phase consists of identifying the possible significant incidents through applying systematic investigation techniques.