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Vanadium And Lithium Contamination In Freshwaters Of The Conchos River In Chihuahua, Mexico


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H. Rubio-Arias, C. E. Quintana, K. Wood, R. A. Saucedo & R. Bautista-Margulis


The hydraulic Conchos Watershed is essential for the inhabitants of the state of Chihuahua, Mexico. Nevertheless, evidence shows that the water that flows in the Conchos River is contaminated. The objective was to determine if Vanadium (V) and Lithium (Li) were present in the water of the Conchos River. During 2004 and 2005 six points were located in different tributaries for obtaining water samples. The points were Zaragoza (Z), Satevo (S), Florido (F), Parral (P), Chuviscar (CH) and Ojinaga (O). The samples were collected at 2-monthly intervals. Both elements were determined using an Inductively Coupled Plasma- Optical Emission Spectrometer (ICP-OES). Variation in V pollution was observed between sampling location as well as in sampling dates. In 2004 highest values of V were observed in June (Z had 0.498 mg L-1; S had 0.479 mg L-1; F had 0.449 mg L-1; P had 0.437 mg L-1; CH had 0.412 mg L-1; O had 0.473 mg L-1) and in August samples (Z had 0.542 mg L-1; S had 0.502 mg L-1; F had 0.452 mg L-1; P had 0.451 mg L-1; CH had 0.447 mg L-1; and O had 0.609 mg L-). In 2005 maximum V-values were noted in February samples reaching 0.545 mg L-1 in Z; 0.502 mg L-1 in S; 0.687 mg L-1 in P; 0.411 mg L-1 in CH; and 0.582 mg L-1 in O. Lithium was detected at all points. The highest values were reported in October 2004 in O (0.707 mg L-1 in October and 0.496 mg L-1 in August) and P with 0.383 mg L-1. In 2005, maximum concentrations of Li were observed in O reaching 0.344 mg L-1 in February, 0.507 mg L-1 in April and 0.396 mg L-1 in June. Keywords: vanadium, lithium, Chihuahua, Mexico, metals.


vanadium, lithium, Chihuahua, Mexico, metals.