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Characteristics of corrugation in Shanghai Metro and suggested maintenance threshold for amplitude


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Volume 1 (2017), Issue 3



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520 - 528

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Wanyi Liu, Haifeng Li, Yude Xu, Wanqing Zhang, Sihan Yan, Fengyu Li & Junxing Qiu


To find out the relationship between the track structure parameters and rail corrugation type and put forward a reasonable maintenance threshold for the amplitude of rail corrugation, surveys on rail corrugation by rail static and dynamic tests were carried out on Shanghai Metro recently. Based on the in situ data, the wavelength and amplitude of rail corrugation were calculated and analysed by different categories according to their service conditions. Investigation data and its analysis show that different track structure parameters, such as ballast, fastener, curve radius, etc., can affect the amplitude and wavelength in pretty different ways. In order to know the development trend in rail corrugation, statistical significance on the distribution of amplitude and dynamic data is calculated, the distribution of amplitude at certain wavelengths is figured out, and accordingly a reasonable threshold of the amplitude maintenance is put forward.


in situ tests, maintenance threshold, rail corrugation, subway, track structure