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Stochastic model for the real-time train rescheduling


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Volume 1 (2017), Issue 3



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307 - 317


B. Davydov, V. Chebotarev & K. Kablukova


The article explores the problem of train rescheduling based on the actual situation. The proposed stochastic model uses specific distributions of operating times which are dependent on the current traffic conditions. The arrival time distribution is considered as a result of adjusting the train trajectory by speed control. The results of modelled arrival distributions correspond well with the experimental data received at the russian railways. The proposed model is used for prevention of sequence-of-trains conflicts and violations of connections. The basis of deviation prediction is two-train model of mesa-level which uses actual features of scattering of the operation times both at sites and at stations. The article also proposed a new measure of arrival delay which considers the share of satisfied passengers.


local adjustments, online rescheduling, stochastic mesa-mode, train traffic