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The bicycle as a real feeder to the Transmilenio system in Bogota and Soacha


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Volume 1 (2017), Issue 1



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92 - 102


C. Moreno & C. Miralles-Guasch


The main objective of this article is to illustrate the importance that Transmilenio and cycling have had on the inhabitants living in the periphery of bogota and Soacha, based on surveys conducted among residents. Even though there is no legally confirmed metropolitan area between bogotá and Soacha, there does exist a real conurbation, which has led to a relationship of economic dependence between the conurbated municipality of Soacha and the main city of bogotá, and one aspect of this is daily mobility. The question is then, has bogotá’s bus rapid Transport – Transmilenio – been an integrating agent and has it improved access to and from this megaproject of ciudad Verde?


accessibility, bicycle sharing system, Bogota, Ciudad Verde, cycling, daily mobility, public transport, Soacha, TransMilenio, travel time.