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Fast simulation tool: SDSS for housing development and more


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Volume 11 (2016), Issue 1



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39 - 48

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This article describes research in progress as the development and practical implementations of the original analytic tool that forecasts the development process as a process of evolution of an area as related to time. While returning significant data such as a demand for utilities or infrastructure costs, it prepares and supports the decision process. The concept is to build a basis for a discourse between parties involved in the development, but particularly local authorities responsible for managing the space in wider context. The prognosis generated by the application delivers instant information on consequences of various factors behind the development process and basic simulation of spatial development as well as informing the members of the design process, namely planners, authorities, investors and other interested participants or parties, on how long certain organization, location constraints, existing facilities and infrastructure among others may affect the final result. The tool thus filters marketing information provided by the developer or the investor and allows for real effect assessment including time-related phenomena. While the development involved wide variety of research methods (statistical, correlative, study of literature and documents, etc.), the core of the project is simulation studies. It is confronted with data collected from cooperating authorities of Rokietnica, Oborniki and Pniewy during the implementations in the spatial studies in master planning related decision-making.


FAST, GIS, SDSS, spatial planning analysis