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Increasing the efficiency and environmental safety of vehicle operation through improvement of fuel quality


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Volume 10 (2015), Issue 6



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880 - 893

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The effect of motor transport on air pollution, especially in big cities, is constantly increasing due to the rapid growth of the number of cars, which is accompanied by increased consumption of fuels derived from petroleum. In view of the significant influence of the quality of motor fuels on the indicators of vehicles operation, there is an urgent need to improve it. The aim of this work is to solve the problem of choice and justification of the priority areas to improve the environmental and performance properties of motor fuels. Analysis was carried out on the influence of the chemical content of motor fuels on their environmental and operational properties. The requirements for motor fuel quality based on analytical investigation were formulated. Medium-term and strategic measures for the oil refining industry to improve the quality of motor fuels were justified. A technology of high-quality motor fuel production based on a highly efficient residueless oil refining scheme was developed. A highly effective multifunctional additive for the integrated and rapid improvement of motor fuel quality was developed and comprehensively investigated.


environmental and operational characteristics of vehicles, multifunctional fuel additive, motor fuels, oil-refining industry, residueless oil refining.