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Influencing factors of the development of producer services under demand–supply framework


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Volume 10 (2015), Issue 1



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120 - 127


Minghua Han


In this research, the author tries to make factor analysis on producer services in the perspective of demand and supply based on Zhejiang annual data from 1990 to 2011. The result shows that the level of scientific and technological development and industrialization are the most important variables in two common factors. At present, factors such as level of services, economic development, urbanization, technological development, and opening-up intensity and level have considerable impacts on Zhejiang producer services’ development according to the results of model analysis. On the other hand, factors such as degree of industrialization and ownership structure have relatively less impacts on supply and demand. This paper makes reasonable suggestions from the perspective of supply and demand framework.



demand–supply framework, factor analysis, influencing factors, producer services