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Palaces in Andalusia and Iraq in the Islamic era: A historical comparison perspective


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Volume 1 (2017), Issue 3



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287 - 296




The purpose of this article is to identify similarities and differences among the characteristics of palaces in Iraq and Andalusia. Historical research design has been used to synthesize data from different sources. In this article, the research has been carried out in five steps: first, formulating the idea and figuring out the research questions; second, designing the research plan and finding the possible resources; third, gathering data from different sources; fourth, analysing collected data to answer the research questions. The researcher tried to look for patterns in the data, especially when comparing the palaces in Andalusia built by Umayyad caliphs with the palaces in Iraq built by Abbasid caliphs. Fifth, outlining the most important findings. The general findings of this research show that although there are huge differences between the palaces in Andalusia and Iraq in terms of design and construction, they still share some as- pects such as Islamic decorations. The findings also indicate that the construction style of these palaces was influenced by neighbouring civilizations. Caliphs were keen to build luxurious mansions and so they paid a large amount of money depending on the state’s economy.


Andalusia, caliph, Iraq, Islam, palace