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Energy efficiency measures for an electrical material industry


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Volume 4 (2019), Issue 3



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217 - 229

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Luís F. Amado, Helena J. Marto & Paulo F. Tavares


The main goal of the present paper is to present the study of energy efficiency measures for an electrical material industry. The high-energy consumption of this kind of industry lead companies to search for solutions that allow increasing the energy efficiency in their installations and in the processes, promoting the reduction of the energy consumption and costs. In this context, the objectives of this study emerged, which resulted from the main needs identified by the company. Therefore, the work was divided into four parts. The first one, was the study of replacing the existing lighting (mainly mercury vapor lamps by led); another study conducted was the replacement of the electric motors in injection machines by new and more efficient ones; the third one was the installation of a photovoltaic solar system (for self-consumption) and, finally, the project of a new power converter station for the company. The energy efficiency studies carried out are based on: a careful analysis of the data provided by the company; all the measurements done; the consumption profiles that have been drawn; an extensive market research (with the purpose of finding the most efficient solutions for each case); and in already existing and proven calculation methodologies, leading, in this way, to a greater reliability of the obtained results. These studies showed to which extent the implementation of the various measures presented are economically viable, their impact on the reduction of energy consumption and the annual savings achieved


Energy Efficiency; LED Lighting; Induction Motors; Photovoltaic Panels; Power Converter Station.