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Strategic intelligence of an organization amid uncertainty


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Volume 6 (2021), Issue 3



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294 - 305

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Lazar D. Gitelman, Mikhail V. Kozhevnikov & Galina S. Chebotareva


The paper deals with the formation and development of strategic intelligence, a fundamentally new management mechanism in organizations that provides information and analytical support for making anticipatory decisions and the company’s preparedness for unpredictable challenges of the future. The paper systematizes academic approaches in terms of distinctive features and classification criteria of strategic intelligence, formulates its key objectives in the course of digital transformation, and gives the criteria for assessing its level in companies. It is shown that the establishment of strategic intelligence requires the introduction of specialized management systems, such as anticipatory management, and the formation of relevant competencies based on anticipatory learning. An anticipatory management model is proposed that takes into account weak signals for timely and adequate response to emerging threats. The power engineering industry has been used as an example for demonstrating the given model’s capabilities to create standard algorithms for making anticipatory decisions in difficult situations. The paper also defines the role of strategic intelligence in the process of digital transformation and the transformation of organizations into self-learning ones.


digital transformation, proactive management, proactive training, self-learning organization, strategic intelligence, uncertainty, weak signals.