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Methodological approach to the research of energy cogeneration systems operational reliability indicators


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Volume 6 (2021), Issue 3



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263 - 276

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A. Domnikov, M. Khodorovsky & l. Domnikova


The reliable operation of energy cogeneration systems as the most important component of large energy systems is essential for the successful development of a national economy. Not only technical, but also economic reliability aspects predetermine the complexity of studying the above-mentioned subjects and their interaction with other components of the economy and social sphere. As a result of calculations, an assessment of the level of reliability of the energy cogeneration systems of the Ural region was obtained. The obtained estimates made it possible to form a set of measures that will affect the increase in reliability of energy cogeneration systems and in the future will ensure the optimal allocation of resources to increase the competitiveness of energy generating companies. Also, the influence of energy cogeneration systems properties as technical and economic objects on the formation of the power generation reliability level of a large region has been assessed. Based on the results of the calculations, the reliability levels of the Urals energy cogeneration systems are determined and an analysis of their operational reliability is presented.


centralized energy sources, competition, efficiency, mathematical economic models, power industry, reliability, risks, strategy, uncertainty.