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Design and optimization of PV/diesel hybrid power system in a hotel


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Volume 2 (2017), Issue 1



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52 - 59

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Electric power is a necessity for the development of a society, without it would be impossible to see the world as we actually know. Its use is closely related to modern life and human development. Renewable energy is a good alternative for energy supply in regions where conventional power networks are absent or service quality is intermittent. The importance of these renewable energy sources lies in their lower emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) to atmosphere and the reduced dependency on raw materials for importation and transport for power generation. Renewable energy is becoming economically competitive in the short to medium term. Hybrid power systems is a novel approach recently gaining popularity, since they combine multiple sources of renewable energy such as solar, wind, mini hydro-power, and also could include conventional generators as support. This combination allows the optimization of the power generation system by reducing emissions from the petroleum and coal based energy sources.

This paper presents a pilot hybrid power system design for the power supply in the hotel ‘La mansion’ in the town of Acacias, Meta (Colombia). Simulation and optimization were based on a computer program known as HOGA educational version 2.2, which initially considered economic parameters associated to photovoltaic system such as: overall power, replacement cost and operation and main- tenance costs, as well as all powers to consider in the simulation. The main purpose is to present an alternative power source in the hotel located in an area with high rates of power outages, and gradually include photovoltaic solar power combined with conventional energy supply, to meet the energy demand when the peak consumption periods occurs during power outages from the power grid.

This paper confirmed that hybrid power systems are a good energy supply alternative as auxiliary small power systems because they are capable of supplying the power demands during power grid outages or even in total absence of the power grid. Simulations showed that the combination of diesel and solar photovoltaics is a good alternative to meet lighting power demand in the hotel ‘La Mansion’, even in night hours thanks to the battery storage.


HOGA, hybrid systems, optimization, renewable energy.