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Analysis of prevailing wind speed and direction for wind energy potential at windy site in Malaysia


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Volume 2 (2007), Issue 1



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10 - 23

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A. Shamshad, M.A. Bawadi, W.M.A. Wan Hussin, A.M. Taksiah


Regions near the Equator may not be a good place for wind power generation, but analysis of wind data at windy sites in Malaysia is important for prospective wind power applications and for the estimation of available power density within a time period. The use of statistical approaches and Weibull distribution models were used for the analysis of this wind speed data at a selected site in Mersing, Johor and the possibility of installing wind turbines. The wind speed data from different directions which was divided into12 direction sectors of 30° each was used to study the wind power density and the effects of topography and roughness were taken into consideration. The evaluation of wind energy output from wind machines was then examined using three different types of wind turbines.


topographic and roughness effects, wind characteristics, wind energy potential, wind turbines