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Is entropy far from equilibrium a state function?


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Volume 1 (2006), Issue 1



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44 - 54

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E. Tiezzi


This paper is an attempt to develop the new discipline of ecodynamics as a quest for evolutionary physics. Particular attention is devoted to goal functions, to relations of conceptualizations surrounding matter, energy, space and time, and to the interdisciplinary approach connecting thermodynamics and biology. Entropy is discussed as a fundamental goal function in the far from equilibrium framework. The relationship between entropy, as a non-state function, and the state function energy is stressed and discussed, in the light of the role of information. The evolutionary dynamics of complex systems, ranging from open physical and chemical systems (strange attractors, oscillating reactions, dissipative structures) to ecosystems have been investigated in terms of far from equilibrium thermodynamics (Prigogine). The theory of probability is also discussed in the light of new theoretical findings related to the role of events, and also in terms of entropy and evolutionary thermodynamics.


ecodynamics, entropy, evolutionary thermodynamics, probability