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The EEC Regulation 2080/92 about forest measures in agriculture: The case of poplar plantations in Greece


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Volume 1 (2006), Issue 3



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245 - 257

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G. Arabatzis, O. Christopoulou, K. Soutsas


The Common Agricultural Policy reform that took place in Europe in 1992 and the relevant decisions it entailed created the preconditions for a considerable amount of agricultural land to be withdrawn from food production in order to be used for the production of wood. In recent decades, agricultural productive activities have been gradually losing their predominant role within the developmental process in rural areas. This study concerns the analysis of the personal and social characteristics of investors/cultivators of poplar plantations and the factors affecting the size of poplar plantations according to the EEC Regulation 2080/92. The research was carried out through questionnaires administered within the Prefecture of Pella. Farmers constitute the majority of investors/cultivators. Large areas of land being privately owned, the size of the irrigated land, participation in European programs and other European regulations are the main factors that affect the establishment of poplar plantations.


CAP, EEC/2080/92, forest development, poplar plantations