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Research on design method for the blue-green ecological network system to deal with urban flooding: A case study of Charleston Peninsula


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Volume 14 (2019), Issue 4



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275 - 286

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Zhitong Liang, Robert Reid Hewitt & Yan Du


The landscape strategy to deal with climate change has become an important issue in the process of sustainable urban development in the world. Particular focus is given to the charleston Peninsula in South carolina, USA, which faces floods due to inefficiency in stormwater collection systems, increased frequency of intense rain events, excessive impervious surfaces, tide cycles, etc. In addition, hurricane events and sea-level rise are considered sources of flood risk in the coastal areas of the peninsula. This research draws on existing urban stormwater management theory to argue that the blue and green water ecological network system in the built-up area represents an innovative approach to alleviate flooding and promote a healthy landscape during urban renewal. according to the analysis of hydrological characteristics, the peninsula is divided into 17 basins, and then each basin is studied separately. Within Basin 8, the potential block is divided into four types of functional stormwater management units (fast flow zone, absorption con- tainment zone, additional digestion zone, and upstream interception zone) and connected by a reintegrated drainage system. finally, the corresponding micro-landscape strategy is proposed according to the block property. Functional units simultaneously undertake the functions of rainwater management and landscape activities. In the end, the new active-recreation space and passive-recreation space in the network are con- nected with the original urban green space and provide the city with a series of unique ecosystem services to support urban drainage systems and human health. It is hoped this research will provide an attempt for future urban stormwater management from the perspective of landscape planning and design.


blue-green ecological network system, hydrological process, landscape architecture, public space system, stormwater management unit.