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The beauty of architectural complexity


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Volume 13 (2018), Issue 3



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250 - 259

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Robert Barelkowski


The paper is an attempt to revisit the concept of beauty which is analyzed in reference to Vitruvian principles of architecture supplemented with idea, the fourth principle. the holistic approach to architecture may be the vehicle to explain universal patterns of beauty, possible to be understood as complex system – both the discipline and constructs created as a result of architectural ideas. one can argue that architectural entities start their existence with initial idea, then its purpose is defined, to be encased in structure and form. all these principal bricks architecture is built with exist on multiple layers, as abstracts or as physical manifestations. the beauty is therefore the perceptive phenomenon, in which man is able to decipher and comprehend expressed or tacit properties of the universe and convert them into his own interpretation of the environment and man-made culture or social patterns.

This paper is a tribute and humble contribution to pay respect to professor carlos Brebbia (1938–2018), whose grasp of complex reality opened many inspiring paths within science and animated multiple connections within scientific community for the benefit of knowledge and understanding of the nature.


architectural idea (concept), architecture, beauty, complexity