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Conserving geo-diversity: the importance of valuing the heritage elements at Langkawi Geopark


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Volume 12 (2017), Issue 3



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303 - 313

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Geo-diversity is actually one of the priceless assets of national historical elements. Historical elements include nature, culture, monument, archaeological sites and others. The term ‘Geo-diversity’ encap- sulates the richness and the variety of the earth’s elements including materials, forms and processes, which naturally constitute and shape the earth and its historical background. Relevant materials such as minerals, rocks, fossils and water as well as other natural processes that include erosions and landslides are intimately linked with biodiversity. However, as the urbanization process has grown further, rapid developmental growth has resulted in high risk towards diversity, including geo-diversity itself. For instance, an increasing demand for new development area, modern and fascinating facilities and other types of development have resulted in the overuse of both area and all those elements of natural resources that are less sustainable. Hence, this over-use will become a major concern that will eventually have a potential negative impact or pose a problem to the environment, and to become worse, it will affect the conservation of nature and lastly will contribute to loss of geo-diversity. Thus, conserving geo-diversity has become a part of the core business of nature conservation. The effort and initiatives for  protection and preservation, formulation of a management plan as well as improvement of public understanding and appreciation towards flora, fauna, geological and geomorphological features are important to address the problems. Therefore, for this related field of study, SWOT analysis will be carried out for evaluating the importance of geo-diversity as heritage elements of Langkawi Geopark. This paper aims to discuss and describe the current condition, importance and the existing geo-diversity elements of the Langkawi Geopark. The significance of this research is to evaluate the importance of geo-diversity around Langkawi Geopark and the Geopark’s contribution towards nature conservation while maintaining its historical value.


geo-diversity, geopark, heritage, preservation.