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Towards the digital platform and smart services for managing space traffic


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Volume 13 (2018), Issue 2



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187 - 198

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Petr O. Skobelev & Oleg I. Lakhin


The objective of the paper is to discuss the increasing complexity of modern space traffic in the near Earth space and outline the new approach for solving the problem. The requirements and functionality of digital platform for traffic management are presented and examples of problem solving are given. The developed approach will create new opportunities for managing space traffic and resources of the mission control centers for a large number of spacecrafts. Possible approaches to description of spacecraft flights are given. Methods and tools for optimizing the use of ground control complexes to manage large-scale orbital groups have been discussed. Creation of the digital platform and eco-system of smart services for space traffic management will solve the most important problem of space traffic management to increase the effectiveness of the created satellites groups and to protect the spacecrafts from space waste and debris.


Digital Platforms, Ground Stations, Management of Conflicts, Networks of Services, Planning and Control, Real Time, Satellites, Space Traffic, Spacecrafts.