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The analysis technique of social media for disaster management


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Volume 11 (2016), Issue 3



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396 - 405

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Social media has transformed mass media based information traffic, and it has become a key resource for finding value in enterprises and public institutions. Particularly, with regard to disaster management, the necessity for public participation in policy development through the use of social media is emphasized. National Disaster Management Research Institute developed the Social Big Board, which is a system that monitors social Big Data in real time for the purpose of implementing social media disaster management. This real time monitoring system provides various information and insights based on the tweets, such as disaster issues, tweet frequency by region, original tweets, etc. The purpose of using this system is to take advantage of the potential benefits of social media in relation to disaster management. In this paper, Korean language text mining based Social Big Board will be briefly introduced, and disaster issue detection model, which is the key algorithms, will be described. The detection model of potential issues of these key algorithms is intensively defined and the perfor- mance of the models are compared and evaluated.


big data, disaster issue detection, disaster management, social media