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Reduced order model of glass plate loaded by low-velocity impact


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Volume 8 (2020), Issue 1



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36 - 46


Tomáš Janda, Alena Zemanová, Petr Hála, Petr Konrád & Jaroslav Schmidt


This article concerns a reduced order model of unconstrained glass plate exposed to low-velocity impact. First, three-parametric model consisting of two masses connected with elastic spring is introduced, its calibration procedure is described, and the simulation of its response to force impulses with different duration is shown. Then a five-parametric variant of the reduced order model is presented, calibrated and tested. Combined with the Hertzian theory of non-adhesive contact, the model allows us to determine the time evolution of contact force for arbitrary mass, stiffness and initial velocity of the impactor. The simulated results are compared to experimentally obtained data and observations about the model properties and accuracy are made.


dynamic analysis, force impulse, glass plate, Hertzian contact, impact loading, reduced order model.