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Multiple Crack Problems in Elasticity

Multiple Crack Problems in Elasticity

Authors: Y.Z. Chen, Jiangsu University, China; N. Hasebe, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan; K.Y. Lee, Yonsei University, South Korea


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Advances in Damage Mechanics

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In this volume various integral equations for multiple crack problems in plane elasticity are investigated. Formulation of the problems is based on relevant elementary solutions in which the complex variable function method is used. The multiple crack problem is considered as a superposition of many single crack problems while many more complicated cases, including bonded dissimilar materials and multiple thermally insulated crack problems, are covered.

Miscellaneous problems, including the multiple rigid line problem and the multiple circular hole problem are studied. Solutions for three-dimensional multiple crack problems are also investigated by using the Fredholm integral equation, the hypersingular integral equation and the variational principle. Many programs for multiple crack problems using FORTRAN are featured.

A CD-ROM containing solutions is also included.

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