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Structures under Shock and Impact VI

Structures under Shock and Impact VI

Edited By: N. JONES, The University of Liverpool, United Kingdom and C.A. Brebbia, Wessex Institute of Technology, United Kingdom


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Structures and Materials

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The shock and impact behaviour of structures is a problematic area, not only because of obvious time-dependant aspects, but also because of difficulties in specifying external dynamic loading characteristics and in obtaining dynamic properties of materials. It is therefore essential to acknowledge and utilise the results emerging from theoretical, numerical and experimental studies, and from investigations into material properties under dynamic loading conditions.

Reflecting the broad range of interest in this extremely active field, this book features sixty state-of-the-art contributions originally presented at the Sixth International Conference on Structures under Shock and Impact (SUSI). Written by specialists working in many different regions of the world, these will enable both researchers and designers to apply the latest methods to new practical problems.

The following topics are covered: Protection of Structures from Blast Loads; Surface Structures under Explosive Shock; Buried Structures under Explosions; Missile Penetration and Explosion; Collision Forces on Structures; Demolition of Structures; Localised Explosions on Structures; Full and Model-Scale Testing; Interaction between Analytical and Experimental Research; Formulation of Design Recommendations; Structural Crashworthiness and New Software for Shock and Impact; Energy Absorbing Systems; Seismic Engineering Applications; Material Response to High Rate Loading; Behaviour of Concrete Structures and Components; Behaviour of Steel and Composite Structures.

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