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Advanced Computational Methods in Heat Transfer VI
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Advanced Computational Methods in Heat Transfer VI

Edited By: B. Sundén, Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden and C.A. Brebbia, Wessex Institute of Technology, United Kingdom


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Research and development in heat transfer is of great significance for many branches of technology. Heat transfer topics are commonly of a very complex nature and different mechanisms such as heat conduction, convection, thermal radiation, and nonlinear phenomena such as temperature-dependent thermophysical properties, and phase change often occur simultaneously. However, advances in numerical solution methods of partial differential equations and increasing access to high-speed, efficient and affordable computers have led to dramatic advances in recent years. To further progess computational methods in heat transfer, developments in theoretical and predictive procedures, both basic and innovative, and applied research are needed.

This book contains edited versions of the papers presented at the Sixth International Conference on Advanced Computational Methods in Heat Transfer. Written by distinguished scientists at the forefront of their speciality, they present and discuss advanced topics, together with new approaches and the application of computational methods to heat transfer problems.

Over 60 papers are featured and these are grouped under the following headings: Diffusion-Convection; Conduction including Nonlinear Problems; Natural and Forced Convection; Thermal Radiation; Fire and Combustion Simulation; Phase Change; Thermal Problems in Porous Media Fibres and Composites; Metal Casting, Welding, Forging and Other Processes; Heat and Mass Transfer; Advances in Computational Heat Transfer Methods; Heat Exchangers; Heat Transfer in Manufacturing and Industry; Cooling of Electrical and Electronic Equipment; Coupling Different Numerical Methods; Modelling and Experiments in Heat Transfer.

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