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Applied Virtual Instrumentation

Applied Virtual Instrumentation

Authors: R. BAICAN, Germany and D. NECSULESCU, University of Ottawa, Canada


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This book covers the fundamental knowledge needed for interfacing sensors with a PC using the new framework of virtual instrumentation. The authors focus on the knowledge required by a non-professional to develop a modern monitoring system, i.e. to connect sensors to a PC, to drive GPIB instruments, condition their signals when required, and store and process the data using digital signal processing subroutines available in commercial virtual instrumentation packages.

Specifically written for senior undergraduates in engineering and science, as well as practising engineers and researchers with an interest in using computer-based instrumentation, but with limited knowledge of computer hardware and monitoring software, Applied Virtual Instrumentation contains numerous numerical and programming examples. An accompanying CD-ROM features data and program files that can be used to facilitate the preparation of experimental demonstrations.

Including basic topics of applied virtual instrumentation and background information on general instrumentation, the text is divided into the following chapters: Introduction; LabVIEW and HP VEE Packages; Signals and Measuring Configuration; Sensors; Signal Acquisition; Sensors Characteristics Measurement; Instrument Control; Signal Generation, Analysis and Processing.

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