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Exergy Method: Technical and Ecological Applications

Technical and Ecological Applications

Authors: J. Szargut, Silesian University of Technology, Poland


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Developments in Heat Transfer

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The exergy method makes it possible to detect and quantify the possibilities of improving thermal and chemical processes and systems. The introduction of the concept "thermo-ecological cost" (cumulative consumption of non-renewable natural exergy resources) generated large application possibilities of exergy in ecology.

This book contains a short presentation on the basic principles of exergy analysis and discusses new achievements in the field over the last 15 years. One of the most important issues considered by the distinguished author is the economy of non-renewable natural exergy.

Previously discussed only in scientific journals, other important new problems highlighted include calculation of the chemical exergy of all the stable chemical elements, global natural and anthropogenic exergy losses, practical guidelines for improvement of the thermodynamic imperfection of thermal processes and systems, development of the determination methods of partial exergy losses in thermal systems, evaluation of the natural mineral capital of the Earth, and the application of exergy for the determination of a pro-ecological tax.

Basic knowledge of thermodynamics is assumed, and the book is, therefore, most appropriate for graduate students and engineers working in the field of energy and ecological management.

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