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Flood Risk Simulation

Flood Risk Simulation

Authors: F.C.B. Mascarenhas, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with the collaboration of K. Toda, Kyoto University, Japan, M.G. Miguez, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and K. Inoue, Kyo


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An up-to-date text on the simulation of flood risk, this book begins by presenting the main concepts related to one-dimensional mathematical modelling of floods. Detailed mathematical models for solving free surface unsteady varied flow equations are featured. There are also sections on practical problems, techniques for parameter identification including optimisation methods, the routing of dam-break waves and case study results.

The second part is devoted to flood hazard and inundation analysis. A runoff model and an inundation flow model are given while inundation analysis in urban areas, encompassing the city area and sewerage models, is discussed. Low-lying river basins are considered with particular reference to the city of Kyoto in Japan.

Finally flood problems both in rural and urban basins are highlighted. A flow cell model is presented as an alternative to simulate these problems and some cases illustrating its use are provided.

Flood Risk Simulation will be of interest to postgraduate students, researchers and professionals involved in this area of water resources management, particularly in developing countries.

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