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Air Quality Management

Air Quality Management

Edited By: J.W.S. Longhurst, University of the West of England, United Kingdom and D.M. ELSOM, Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom and H. Power, University of NottIngham, United Kingdom


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Advances in Air Pollution

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Air pollution has long been acknowledged as an environmental problem, but the recognition that air quality can be managed to an acceptable level within parameters set by air quality standards is more recent. Science provides both the key to identifying the nature and scale of air pollution impacts and the necessary information for effective, efficient and sustainable regulatory decision making. Researchers are now challenged with the task of supplying anticipatory information on the likelihood of environmental and human impacts, and developing new methods of analyses to support the application of the precautionary principle in air pollution regulation.

This book evaluates and reviews the development and application of the air quality management process from a European, North American and Australian perspective. The contemporary approaches and experiences described provide a critical assessment of practice as well as important pointers to the future development of air quality management regimes.

Regional and Local Aspects of Air Quality Management
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