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Haemodynamics of Arterial Organs

Comparison of Computational Predictions with In Vitro and In Vivo Data

Edited By: X.Y. Xu, Imperial College London, UK; M.W. Collins, South Bank University, UK


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Advances in Computational Bioengineering

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Advances in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and computer technology are allowing scientists to simulate blood flow in arterial organs with ever-increasing efficiency. However, as understanding of the biological complexity of the cardiovascular system grows, the possibilities of invalid applications of numerical models are also enhanced.

This book emphasises the importance of validating numerical predictions using in vitro and/or in vivo measurement data.

• Contains contributions from internationally acknowledged experts in the field.

• Reflects new developments in numerical simulation and experimental techniques for the study of haemodynamics in various arterial organs.

• Highlights comparisons of predictions with laboratory and/or clinical data acquired by means of the most advanced experimental and clinical measurement techniques.

Contents: Haemodynamics of the Reconstruction of Complex Cardiac Malformations; Mathematical Modelling of Flow Effects and Transport Processes in Arterial Bifurcation Models; Simulation of Time-Dependent Blood Flow Past Valve Prostheses; Comparisons between Computational Haemodynamics, Photochromic Dye Flow Visualisation and Magnetic Resonance Velocimetry; Simulation of Flow in Human Arterial Bifurcations using a Combination of CD and MRI Techniques; Flow Visualisation of Cardiovascular Models using the Dynamic Flow Birefringence Method.