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In the Wake of a Local Government Initiative

Istanbul Küçükçekmece: Urban Regeneration Project

Authors: S. Ramazanoğullari Turgut, Yildiz Technical University, Turkey and E.Ç. Ceylan, Küçükçekmece Municipality Planning Department, Turkey


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This book is the first and, so far, only publication to elaborate on all the stages of one of the many “Urban Regeneration” projects implemented in Turkey in recent years.

To date, especially in the western world, a large number of scientifically significant books have been released on some such initiatives (mainly in the UK), yet there has been no widely disseminated volume on Turkey’s approach and project-building methodologies. Unlike in the Western world, urban regeneration in Turkey is a means to overcome the challenges created by the growth of unauthorised housing. In the case of Turkey this publication will serve as a step in developing more publications, as well as present the reader with an example for comparison.

The authors detail the operation and management processes of the municipality where the initiative is taking place, in addition to the people involved and the duties they have taken over. The book not only examines the “Küçükçekmece Ayazma-Tepeüstü Urban Regeneration” project, but it also gives a clear account of the positive and negative aspects of the process.

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