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Surface Effects and Contact Mechanics X

Computational Methods and Experiments

Edited By: J.T.M. DE HOSSON, University of Groningen, Netherlands and C.A. Brebbia, Wessex Institute of Technology, UK


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Nowadays, the importance of contact and surface problems in many technological fields is well understood. They are complex and inherently non-linear due to the moving boundary and the different properties of materials, particularly along the contact surfaces. Structural components’ failure by wear, corrosion and high cycle fatigue, are affected and initiated by the surface conditions. The use of surface treatments can reduce the cost of components and extend the life of the elements for surfaces undergoing contact.

The aim of the conference series is to encourage international cooperation amongst scientist and engineers and to exchange new ideas. The book deals with fundamental and applied concepts in the interdisciplinary field of surface engineering, in particular focusing on the interplay between applied physics, materials science and engineering, computational mechanics and mechanical engineering.

In particular, the focal point in this book is on Experimental and Numerical Tests; Computer Simulation; Multiscale Experiments and Modelling; Fracture Fatigue and Mechanics; Surface Modification; Surface Problems in Contact Mechanics; Thick and Thin Coatings.


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