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Groundwater Characterization, Management and Monitoring

Authors: M.C. Cunha, University of Coimbra, Portugal and L.M Nunes, University of Algarve, Portugal


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Providing a systematic framework for groundwater development, this book is conceived not only to be a textbook for students of groundwater and water resources management but also a reference for engineers, hydrogeologists and water resources and water managers. It is presented, using the current thinking in groundwater management, including the theoretical and technical backgrounds that will help to find efficient choices.

Intending that aquifers have to be classed as vulnerable water sources and that only carefully designed interventions will allow the appropriate use and protection of its resources, this book presents decision model building and resolution, and particular aspects of the use of decision models for groundwater management and their application to solving real world groundwater management problems.

As a decision can only be taken if based on information, a review is included of groundwater monitoring network design methods with a problem-oriented approach. The analysis starts by stating the general problems that need a solution, followed by a presentation of the methods available to solve them. Problem types include monitoring for general groundwater quantity/quality status (compliance) and trend analysis, early detection of contamination related to specific sources, and evaluation of remediation procedures – clean-up status. As many of the methods used in decision models and monitoring methods require a thorough understanding of groundwater flow and of the transport and fate of solutes in groundwater, the main equations are first introduced.

Using a comprehensive approach, this book aims at contributing to better engineering and management practices in the groundwater field.

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