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Environment and Health: Protecting our Common Future

Environment and Health: Protecting our Common Future

Protecting our Common Future

Authors: K. DUNCAN, University of Toronto, Canada


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“The author’s strengths are in the area of human heath as it relates to environmental condition. Linking these human health and environmental aspects and defining how they are strategic issues and drivers for business performance is a principle contribution of the book. As well, the text provides a helpful review of the current institutional environmental, health, and safety (EHS) frameworks...”


SETAC Vol. 5, No. 2, June 2009



How does your organization deal with environmental and social initiatives?

• Does it undertake them in order to exploit market opportunities?

• Does it quantify such initiatives as part of a sound business strategy?

• Does it quantify their economic opportunities and benefits, e.g. better reputation, increased revenues?

• Does it quantify their costs, e.g. up-front investments?

• Does lack of relevant data prevent it from undertaking them?

Good environmental and social practices can generate benefits besides higher profits – competitive advantage and market positioning, easier recruitment and retention of employees, better relations with investors and access to capital, increased learning and innovation, and reduced risks.

This book shares how organizations can make a difference to the environment, human health, and their bottom lines. Although the focus is on corporations, every chapter is relevant to civil society, and governmental and non-governmental organizations, which are interested in the environment and human health, and in taking action. It presents anecdotal, practical, and statistical evidence linking action on the environment and health with financial performance.

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