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Fluid Structure Interaction and Moving Boundary Problems IV

Edited By: S.K. Chakrabarti, Offshore Structure Analysis Inc., USA and C.A. Brebbia, Wessex Institute of Technology, UK


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This book includes specialized areas of interaction problems of fluid with a variety of structures encountered by the flow ranging from wind, current, biofluids and ocean waves to tall buildings, ocean structures, cables, towers, bridges, risers and biological structures. It emphasizes new research that advances the interaction problem and latest work in the specialized field of fluid structure interaction. It also presents new applications of this development to real world problems.

The basic mathematical formulations of fluid structure interaction and their special numerical (as well as physical) modelling of the interaction problems are also discussed. The numerical methods deal with problems where the position of the borders or interphase boundaries are determined as part of the solution. The transient cases lead to the so-called moving boundary problems, and the steady state case to the free boundary problems.

With papers from the fourth conference in the successful series of Fluid Structure Interaction, the following topics are included in the book: hydrodynamic forces, offshore structure and ship dynamics, offshore engineering, response of structures including fluid dynamics, computational methods, experimental studies and validation, flow induced vibrations, moving boundary problems and acoustics and noise.

Fluid Structure Interaction and Moving Boundary Problems
Numerical Models in Fluid-Structure Interaction
Fluid Structure Interaction