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Transport Properties of Organic Liquids

Authors: G. Latini, R. Cocci Grifoni and G. Passerini, Universita Politecnica delle Marche, Italy


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Advances in Fluid Mechanics

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The liquid state is possibly the most difficult and intriguing state of matter to model. Organic liquids are required, mainly as working fluids, in almost all industrial activities and in most appliances (e.g. in air conditioning). Transport properties (namely dynamic viscosity and thermal conductivity) are possibly the most important properties for the design of devices and appliances.

The aim of this book is to present both theoretical approaches and the latest experimental advances on the issue and to merge them into a wider approach. It concentrates on the applicability of models.

This book is organized into five chapters plus a data collection. The chapters discuss the following topics: the liquid state and some well-know theories able to explain the behaviour of liquids; a rather complete review of models, based on theoretical assumptions and/or upon physical paradigms, to evaluate heat transfer in organic liquids; a review of several well-known semi-empirical methods to predict the thermal conductivity coefficient of organic liquids in their saturated liquid or slightly sub-cooled state as a function of the temperature; momentum transfer on the dynamic viscosity coefficient. The data collection contains most of the experimental points available in the literature concerning thermal conductivity and dynamic viscosity of organic liquids.

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