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Structural Studies, Repairs and Maintenance of Heritage Architecture XVII

Edited By: S.Hernández, University of A Coruña, Spain and member of WIT Board of Directors; G. Marseglia, Link Campus University, Italy


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The importance of retaining the built cultural heritage cannot be overstated. Rapid development and inappropriate conservation techniques are threatening many heritage unique sites in different parts of the world. 

Selected papers presented at the 17th International Conference on Studies, Repairs and Maintenance of Heritage Architecture are included in this volume.  They address a series of topics related to the historical aspects and the reuse of heritage buildings, as well as technical issues on the structural integrity of different types of buildings, such as those constructed with materials as varied as iron and steel, concrete, masonry, wood or earth. 

Restoration processes require the appropriate characterisation of those materials, the modes of construction and the structural behaviour of the building. This knowledge can be gained through a series of material characterisation techniques, preferably via non-destructive tests. Modern computer simulation can provide accurate results demonstrating the stress state of the building and possible failure mechanisms affecting its stability. Of particular importance are studies related to their dynamic and earthquake behaviour aiming to provide an assessment of the seismic vulnerability of heritage buildings.

Contributions originate from scientists, architects, engineers and restoration experts from all over the world and deal with different aspects of heritage buildings, including how to formulate regulatory policies, to ensure effective ways of preserving the architectural heritage.

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