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Air Pollution XXVIII

Edited By: J. Casares, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain; J. Longhurst, University of the West of England, UK; J. Barnes, University of the West of England, UK


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Air pollution issues remain one of the most challenging problems facing the international community. The included research demonstrates the wide-spread nature of the air pollution phenomena and explores in depth their impacts on human health and the environment.

The scientific knowledge derived from well-designed studies needs to be allied with further technical and economic studies in order to ensure cost-effective and efficient mitigation. In turn, the science, technology and economic outcomes are necessary but not sufficient. Increasingly, the conference has recognised that the outcome of such research needs to be contextualised within well-formulated communication strategies that help policy makers and citizens to understand and appreciate the risks and rewards arising from air pollution management. Consequently, the series has enjoyed a wide range of high-quality papers that develop the fundamental science of air pollution and an equally impressive range of presentations that places these new developments within the frame of mitigation and management of air pollution.

The included papers, which were presented at the 28th International Conference on Modelling, Monitoring and Management of Air Pollution, provide an invaluable record of recent developments in the science and policies pertaining to air pollution.

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