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Water Pollution XV

Edited By: S. Mambretti, Polytechnic of Milan, Italy; J. S. Palencia Jimenez, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain


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Environmental problems caused by the increase of pollutant loads discharged into natural water bodies requires the formation of a framework for regulation and control. This framework needs to be based on scientific results that relate pollutant discharge with changes in water quality. The results of these studies allow the industry to apply more efficient methods of controlling and treating waste loads, and water authorities to enforce appropriate regulations regarding this matter.

Water pollution problems are essentially interdisciplinary. Engineers and scientists working in this field must be familiar with a wide range of issues including the physical processes of mixing and dilution, chemical and biological processes, mathematical modelling, data acquisition and measurement, to name but a few. In view of the scarcity of available data, it is important that experiences are shared on an international basis. Thus, a continuous exchange of information between scientists from different countries is essential.

Papers presented at Water Pollution 2020, the 15th International Conference in the series of Monitoring, Modelling and Management of Water Pollution, are contained in this volume and highlight research works from scientists, managers and academics from different areas of water contamination.

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