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Urban Transport XXIV
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Urban Transport XXIV

Edited By: F. A. Ortega Riejos, University of Seville, SPAIN; C. A. Brebbia, Wessex Institute, UK


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Transaction Series

WIT Transactions on The Built Environment

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Providing a collection of research works on the continuing requirement for better urban transport systems, this volume consists of papers presented at the 24th International Conference on Urban Transport and the Environment.  

The need for better urban transport systems and for a healthier environment has resulted in a wide range of research originating from many different countries. These studies highlight the importance of innovative systems, new approaches and original ideas, which need to be thoroughly tested and critically evaluated before they can be implemented in practice.

Moreover, there is a growing need for integration with telecommunications systems and IT applications in order to improve safety, security and efficiency. This book also addresses the need to solve important pollution problems associated with urban transport in order to achieve a healthier environment.

The variety of topics covered in this volume reflects the complex interaction of the urban transport systems with their environment and the need to establish integrated strategies. The aim is to arrive at optimal socio-economic solutions while reducing the negative environmental impacts of current transportation systems.

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