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Material Performance and Cathodic Protection

Edited By: S. Syngellakis, Wessex Institute, UK


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Corrosion is a degrading material process frequently encountered in engineering structures and components, which may lead to costly and catastrophic failures if not properly and timely addressed. This volume describes a wide spectrum of experimental and analytical studies, which provide a fairly comprehensive account of corrosion manifestations and methodologies for addressing them in structural and industrial design. As such, it is expected to make a valuable reference publication for engineers and scientists interested in the protection of structures and components from harmful and potentially ruinous corrosive action.

The collected articles comprising this volume address issues which can be categorised into two main areas. The first is concerned with material science approaches to corrosion, that is, visual or instrumental means of assessing existing behaviour or effectiveness of corrective measures and techniques. The second part of the volume comprises boundary element simulations of cathodic protection schemes for the purpose of predicting and optimising their performance.

A number of practical problems are analysed such as: the coating condition on a ballast tank wall; the impressed current cathodic protection of an offshore platform and minimizing a ship’s electric and magnetic signature. Topics covered include: Elemental identification; Material loss; Strain fields; Stress corrosion cracking; Corrosion resistance; Fretting corrosion; Contact surface damage; Electrochemical testing; Coating conditions; Cathodic protection; Current density distribution; Pipelines and deep well casings; Electric and magnetic signatures; Coating damage effects; Galvanic corrosion.

Aluminium Alloy Corrosion of Aircraft Structures